Top 10 Storage Mistakes

Young couple packing moving boxesWant a smooth self-storage experience? Avoid the top 10 storage mistakes.

1. Wrapping with newspaper
We’ve all done it: wrapped a gift or some other valuable in newspaper. The effect is quite nostalgic. But be careful not to store items this way. The print may bleed onto the item and ruin it.

2. Storing food and drink
Some people have a true desire to stockpile their sodas. And that’s okay…everywhere but the self-storage world. Cans may burst and food attracts unwanted critters.

3. Forgetting to label
Moving day is crazy. It’s easy to get caught up and just throw everything in a box. Unfortunately, it may be hard to remember exactly where you threw everything 6 months down the road. Label your totes and avoid the unpacking drama.

4. Storing flammables
This is straight up illegal. Don’t do it.

5. Over-packing
How many times have you packed a box full of books, only to realize you couldn’t lift it? It’s a part of the fun, part of life even, but you can skip out on this hilarity if you so choose.

6. Failing to insure
Self-storage facilities rarely insure your items, which sometimes comes as a surprise to renters. If you’re worried your valuables may transform in storage, think about insuring them.

7. Moving at peak times
The self-storage industry is busiest on weekends, during the summer, and after 5 Monday-Friday. If you can make it to your unit on a February Tuesday at 9am, do it. It may save you from the chaos.

8. Storing items on the floor
You may be like, why would I not put my stuff the floor? But floods happen. Even if they don’t, concrete attracts moisture anyways. No one wants to deal with a soggy 250- year-old Thomas Jefferson rocking chair.

9. Doing the math wrong
It may sound obvious but a 20×20 unit is not twice the size of a 10×10 unit. It’s four times the size. Plan accordingly.

10. Neglecting paperwork
Don’t forget to read your lease, sign your lease, and get a copy of your lease. Be thorough. This will help guard against unexpected legal issues.

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