Self-Storage Trends

Self Storage

Since the beginnings of self-storage, consumer and producer symbiosis have played a vital role in determining its trends, and the same remains true in 2015. Recently, consumers have made it clear what they look for when choosing a self-storage company. Companies have responded by implementing new ideas, adding to their existing facilities, or developing brand new unit complexes.

Consumers have determined that price and security are the most important factors when choosing a self-storage unit. Other factors include location, hours, and customer service. According to SpareFoot, the go-to source for consumer storage statistics, almost 75% of consumers placed price as the most important reason for choosing a self-storage company. Security level was not far behind, at over 60%. Surprisingly, customer service stayed in the 40-percent range. Even so, with growing competition among storage companies, customer service is certainly gaining a heavier focus.

Self-storage executives agree that it is a good time to be in the self-storage business. Because of the steady improvement in the economy, consumers are slowly starting to seek out storage options again. More people are relocating for work, going away to college, and undergoing other life changes that make self-storage a necessary luxury.

As consumer demand increases, self-storage companies are making steps to improve their facilities. Customer service team members are being hired to offer the consumer a more satisfactory experience. More storage units are being added daily, many with climate control possibilities. Companies are even making self-storage more accessible by encouraging online booking and offering various refinancing options.

Seeing that the average usage period for a storage unit is 8 months, there is no doubt that the unit must successfully suit the consumers’ needs. Even though price and security are their highest concern, consumers aren’t just looking for a miscellaneous space to put their stuff – they are looking for a good experience. And current storage executives are more than willing to provide that.

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