Secure Records Management For Your Business

Secure Records Management For Your Business

Overwhelmed-OfficeThe more things change the more they stay the same. This is true of most situations, and is especially true when it comes to keeping your business organized and running efficiently.

In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Sometimes it may seem like things are coming at your from every direction. You wear many hats, you’re answering your desk phone and your cell phone, you’re getting constant email updates and collaborating with coworkers to keep your business running smoothly. On top of that, as is the case with most businesses, you have more paperwork than you can handle or know what to do with.

With so much on your plate, things can begin to fall through the cracks and your documents become vulnerable. The last thing your business needs is the threat of important documentation being misplaced or lost, falling into the wrong hands, being damaged,  failing to meet privacy standards, or even identity theft in the worst case scenario.

This is why offsite records storage can help you lower your operating costs and protect your organization from the risks of litigation, audit, and disaster. Offsite records storage helps Boise, Idaho businesses and organizations lower costs associated with storage space, personnel, and records management.

Downtown Storage & Records Management Offers Your Business A Secure Storage Environment

Our confidential record handling and storage simplifies security issues, removing the burden from you and saving man power hours, time, and money. When you rent with Downtown Storage & Records Management, you’ll have 24-hour access, 7 days a week. Our well lit self storage units are located in downtown Boise, Idaho within our indoor warehouse which is monitored for fire protection.

Controlled Access to Records & Data

Our secure facility ensures that your files and records only end up in the hands of individuals who are authorized to view them.

Climate Controlled Record Storage Environment

Some records become costly to store due to storage climate requirements. Our facility offer climate controlled storage space to ensure the longevity of records in a variety of media formats.

Visit our Document Management Page for More Information on the savings we can offer your business for Storage, Document Management, Shredding and Scanning Services.

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