Indoor and Outdoor Storage Units

Self StorageIt sounds obvious, but indoor and outdoor storage units are designed differently for a reason. Depending on your needs, one type of unit might benefit you more than another. Choosing the wrong type of unit could leave your items damaged, so it is important to know the difference between them.

Indoor storage units secure your possessions inside climate-controlled walls. These types of units are made to store household items such as art, furniture and clothing. Papers and documents are also best stored in these units. While indoor facilities are quite ideal, items should still be packaged and arranged properly in order to avoid dust, fading, or similar damage. If you need somewhere to store your documents, Downtown Storage has secure, climate-controlled units and specializes in records management.

Outdoor storage units are typically larger. They are your best option if you need to store a vehicle. Just make sure to check up on your vehicle every now and then; tenants have been known to leave their vehicle in storage for months at a time, only to find that it will not start when it is time to go. Outdoor units can be more cost-efficient than indoor units, so if your items are very durable, an outdoor unit may be great for you. Do not store valuable household items or documents in outdoor units. Also be sure to find out what kind of security your storage company has employed.

Maybe a recent life event is requiring you to relocate your possessions. Maybe you need a place to store your boat. Or maybe your in-home office is way too cluttered and you cannot take it anymore. Whatever the issue, you will have to decide where to store your items. Before you haul everything away, make sure you know how to make a well-informed decision about which type of unit you will use.

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