Downtown Storage & Records Management Announces New Website!

Downtown Storage & Records Management Announces New Website!

downtown_storage_logoSame Great Services and Prices

Downtown Storage & Records Management is proud to have served Boise, Idaho’s entire Treasure Valley since 1989. For almost 25 years, Downtown Storage has provided clean, safe, and secure storage facilities and records management services for both personal and business related storage needs. Our new website provides an enhanced new design, making it easy for you to find and access the tools you need, but offering you the same great services and prices that you’re familiar with!

New Features Allow You to See Savings!

Document Shredding Calculator

Our new Document Shredding Calculator Allows you to input the number of minutes per day that your employees spend shredding documents, the average work days per month, the total monthly time in hours that your employees spend shredding, and an average hourly wage for your employees. All this information is then used to calculate the total monthly cost of shredding documents in-house. We then provide the Downtown Storage Estimated Shredding cost to allow you to see the savings!

Document ROI Calculator

To determine the ROI of a document management system, you must calculate the saved man-hours and storage costs and compare the final number against the cost of the document management system and its operation. Our new calculator allows you to do this quickly! You input information related to your storage costs, employee numbers and wages, the current workflow as it relates to document scanning and management. This data will allow you to calculate the savings in having Downtown Storage handle all your records management needs!

Document Scanning Calculator

Our Document Scanning Calculator will ask you to enter information related to the current number of pages you need scanned to get an estimate from Downtown Storage on the overall cost of scanning the documents.

New Enhanced Design

Our new enhanced design provides you with more information then ever before. Interested in renting storage space? We provide detailed information, including an animated infographic that shows you exactly what you can fit in your rental space, with a list of items we recommend for each unit size. We also include a complete price list of our rental spaces per each unit size and a map that includes all rental spaces in our facility.

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