Document Shredding Is Necessary To Dispose of Confidential Business Information

Document Shredding Is Necessary To Dispose of Confidential Business Information

Document shredding is a process used to destroy paper documents by cutting the paper into very small pieces. There are two main reasons why document shredding is important: to prevent identity theft and safely dispose of confidential information. A document shredder ranges in size from a small garbage can to a large disposal bin.

Identify theft is a multibillion dollar industry that is used to fund organized crime. Specialized equipment, infrastructure and skills are necessary to create fake identification. One or two pieces of personal information from your garbage are all that is required to steal your identity.

Banks, hospitals and financial companies are all well-known sources of confidential information that must be shredded to preserve client confidentiality. However, the responsibility for managing the disposal of confidential documents is a high priority in all industries. Shareholders, investors and internal staff are all motivated to obtain access to confidential information. A systematic document shredding process has become a standard part of file management programs in many large corporations.

Any firm that provides a service where there is an expectation of privacy is legally required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that privacy is protected. When confidential information needs to be disposed of, the most secure method is the complete destruction of the document. Document shredding allows firms to quickly and efficiently destroy documents. Once documents have been shredded, they can be recycled with no risk to the company.

Document shredding is becoming increasingly important as information has become a highly valued commodity and is a necessary aspect of doing business. However, document shredding takes time and energy away from your business, and can be difficult for organizations to complete on a regular basis efficiently.

Downtown Storage & Records Management Offers Affordable & Convenient Document Shredding Solutions 

Through our secure document shredding process, Downtown Storage and Records Management can empower your small business or large company to protect confidential information. Our paper shredding and secure document destruction service costs less than shredding documents yourself. Convenient and flexible schedules make document destruction a snap and keep your business organized and running smoothly!

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