Document Management Solutions – Boise, Idaho

Information is the most valuable asset of a 21st century business. Used and protected properly, it transforms small companies into American success stories. Mishandled, it can destroy your business and your livelihood. Nearly 95% of all documents generated by your business are confidential and protected by law. We deliver the highest level of security for your critical documents. We also provide flexible pick-up schedules that simplify your life and can be reached anytime in case of emergency. Information and document management should be cost effective. We offer you attentive, personal service at rates below the cost of in-office, self-store, or other Boise self storage providers.

Downtown Storage & Records Management Organizes and Protects Your Business

Minimize your regulatory and legal risks while safeguarding confidential data to protect your business reputation. We can also help you to becomes compliant with State & Federal recordkeeping and privacy regulations.

Save Money and Save Time

You can lower your cost instead of renting additional office space or public storage lockers. We can also show you how to manage your growing paper and electronic records to reduce storage costs. Another benefit is a reduction in the costs of complying with legal discovery and information requests.

Know What You Have, Know Where It Is

  • Documents are organized and tracked at all times
  • Elimate the hassle of tracking and retrieving records
  • Fast access to your files through one-call document retrieval

Hassle-free Storage and Retrieval of Your Files

  • Reduce office storage crowding and clutter
  • Quit wrestling with boxes that are stacked too high
  • Upgrade from the inconvenience of a public storage locker

Protect Your Business Records and Vital Documents

  • Safeguard your company in the event of a disaster
  • Shield vital documents from humidity and water damage
  • Speed recovery efforts when unforeseeable events occur

Efficient storage solutions with digital document management