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Information is the most valuable asset of a 21st century business. Used and protected properly, it transforms small companies into American success stories. Mishandled, it can destroy your business and your livelihood. Nearly 95% of all documents generated by your business are confidential and protected by law. We deliver the highest level of security for your critical documents. We also provide flexible pick-up schedules that simplify your life and can be reached anytime in case of emergency. Information and document management should be cost effective. We offer you attentive, personal service at rates below the cost of in-office, self-store, or other Boise self storage providers.

Disaster Protection

Natural disasters can destroy years of important and confidential information. Our facility is designed to safeguard your records from disasters.


There is more to information management than record storage. Our service includes the critical elements to making your information easy to access and use, while maintaining them in a secure environment.

Legal Compliance

There is more to information management than record storage. Our service includes the critical elements to making your information easy to access and use, while maintaining them in a secure environment.

Efficeny & Cost Savings

Are you using expensive space to store records and information? Offsite records storage will help you realize the cost savings associated with freeing up that expensive space as well as enhancing productivity of the personnel who have to manage the information onsite.

Off Site Records Storage

Offsite records storage can help you lower your operating costs and protect your organization from the risks of litigation, audit, and disaster. Offsite records storage helps businesses and organizations lower costs associated with storage space, personnel, and records management.

Record Security

The safety and confidentiality of important records and files is often taken too lightly. Businesses can quickly become overwhelmed with attempts to comply with privacy standards, sensitive document handling, and even protection from fraud and identity theft. Our confidential record handling and storage simplifies security issues.

Controlled Access

We make sure that your files and records only end up in the hands of individuals who are authorized to view them.

Climate Controlled

Some records become costly to store due to storage climate requirements. Our facility offer climate controlled storage space to ensure the longevity of records in a variety of media formats.

Document Management Tools

Estimated Monthly Cost

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Cost of storage for a paper based document management systems:

Lost Productivity Cost

Cost of Scanning & Indexing Documents

Benefits of Document Management:

  • The ability to efficiently store documents and easily search and retrieve their contents.
  • Secure archive capabilities.
  • Elimination of lost or decaying documents.
  • Manage your business, not your paper.


  • Documents can be scanned, indexed for searching, and stored on any type of electronic media. CD ROMs have over a 40 year shelf life and can store about 15,000 pages; a DVD can hold 100,000 pages. A document that is stored on a computer can be easily located, and once it is found it can be printed, faxed or e-mailed. Imagine storing 10 file cabinets worth of paper documents in your desk drawer, and being able to retrieve any document within 30 seconds!
  • With paper documents, an employee will spend more time looking for a document than they spend reading it. On average, 1 hour of searching results in 20 minutes of reading.
  • 3% of paper documents get misfiled, while 7% get lost completely.
  • An average company spends $25,000 to fill one file cabinet and $2,100 a year to maintain that cabinet.
  • On average, an employee spends 15 minutes filing a document, 1 hour looking for a misfiled document and 3 hours to recreate a document.
  • Of all the paper documents that are handled each day in the average office, 90% are merely shuffled.

Estimated Cost of Bulk Scanning

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